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The market is a crapshoot in the short-term, calculable in the long-term.

Planning can’t make you money, investing can.

Know what you own, know why you own it, know what you pay.

Educate, automate, and forget it mate.

If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that provides a match, take it with both hands.

ESG might as well read BSG.

If you’re going to hold yourself out as a financial advisor, then you’ve got to have an opinion on the market.

Whatever the question, the answer is earnings.

I don’t know too many millionaires that have made their fortune in their checking account.

If you’ve heard about it, the market it has pre-priced it in.

Trying to time the market can mean you miss out on some of the best days. No one rings the bell at the top. No one bangs the drum at the bottom.

You can’t get hung up on your account balance on big down days. Look for the opportunities.

When it comes to wealth creation…automation is the secret sauce.

You can’t count on the inheritance you may or may not inherit. Your earning potential is your biggest asset.

Big fears of little things are bullish.

Stocks you’re an owner, bonds you’re a loaner.

Investing without measuring a benchmark is like golfing without knowing par.

All financial advisors are not created equal.

Investing isn’t rocket science. It’s a process and a discipline.

Don’t make a long-term decision on a temporary emotion.

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