Lori Claro

Chief Operating Officer

Alma Mater

University of Miami, Psychology major, Education minor


Gardening, Reading and cooking

Culinary Specialty

I love to cook all different foods, but especially enjoy the farm to table with growing my own fruits and vegetables.


None at this time, but my husband is begging for a dog.

Favorite Book

The Bible- (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth)

Favorite Movie

Jurassic Park–love those dinosaurs!


Lori’s heart is in helping others she has been on several medical mission trips to Guatemala where she assisted in establishing clinic to meet the medical needs of the local community.  Lori’s current passion is assisting others through the charity Brevard Random Acts of Kindness.

Favorite Vacation/Destination

Israel- was the trip of a lifetime and not sure if any other destination could beat it.

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