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We, not me, is the only way to deliver results to clients. There are so many things to consider when managing money for clients, aside from which stocks to buy and sell. Operations, compliance, reporting, messaging, scheduling, answering client questions. It’s impossible in this day and age for a one-man band to produce a great product. This is why we need a team, and I believe we have the most professional in the business……

Raymond James

Our group operates as an Independent Advisor. That means we contract through Raymond James to provide our back office support, trading platforms, and oversight. After a decade at company whose name I won’t mention, I wanted to partner with a corporation that has integrity and puts clients first. After 5 years here, I know I made the right choice.

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We differ from the norm. We are in the business of giving our clients access to professionally managed portfolios without hidden fees. We manage our portfolios in-house. Translation? We can tell you what’s in your portfolio, and why, and in good markets and bad, what we plan on doing with your hard-earned money. Read More…

Red Flags when looking for a New Advisor

  • They can’t answer your question on the spot.
  • They’re not upfront with how they get paid.
  • They don’t know why you own something. 
  • Their strategy isn’t unique to your goals.
  • They ask you to complete a risk analysis questionnaire.

What We Don’t Do

  • Send your money to a third party. That would make us salespeople.
  • Sell you investments with high commissions.
  • Fluff the numbers. We measure your performance every quarter against a specified benchmark.
  • Hide from conversations. We love to discuss the markets and give you our thoughts on where you are now and where you will be in the future.

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