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Shut Up, Powell

There are certain words that when said by certain people at certain times, have the ability to illicit extreme responses.

Avatar Economics

I’m writing this on Thursday around 10am and I just received the latest Conference Boards LEI index for October, which

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Layman’s Inflation

Inflation is when the price of things goes up right?  No. Inflation is when the supply of money is greater

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On the Road Again

We are roughly 75% through earnings season and around 80% of companies are beating estimates, which although was somewhat expected

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Flavor of the Week

This week I’ll just give you an overview of the news considering there was a lot of it. Blame it

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Hot Button

As predicted, the next agenda for the Biden Administration is Fiscal, i.e., Taxes. The House Democrats are starting to draft

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Uncle Sam in the Spotlight

To watch/listen to this week’s article please click here. The next agenda item on the Biden Administration will be taxes.

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Inflation Expatiation

To watch/listen to this week’s article please click here. Back in the seat this week after a week up in

Sound the Alarm #Inflation

To watch/listen to this week’s article please click here. I’ve said for a while now that this bull market will

Closed Door, Open Window

Last week saw the first time President Biden addressed the joint session of congress. And for most, including yours truly,

Real Estate Talk

As we get the first look at Q1 corporate earnings, things seem to be progressing as expected. Banks had a

What Took You So Long?

To watch/listen to this week’s shortened article recap please click here. I finally updated the Buy/Sell this week. For the past

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