Election Reluctancy

I’ve resisted the urge to think too much about the election, as I believe the market won’t start to pay


Earnings season is upon us, and it’s usually the time I look forward to, as it either confirms expected profitability

Shaking My Head

To watch/listen to this week’s article please click here. Usually I would write to you stating that there was a

talking head news anchor on television, pop art

Talking Head “Gurus”

To watch/listen to this week’s article click here. “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see,”

businessmen and women playing tug of war regarding the stock market

Don’t Call it a Pullback

To watch/listen to this article, click here or copy and paste the following URL: Down too fast, up too fast has

caricature of mick graham, portfolio manager at raymond james in front of road signs depicting the journey of investing

Where to From Here?

To watch/listen to this week’s article, click here. or copy & paste the following link: The last few weeks I’ve written

coronavirus or covid headline clippings from newspaper

Confused Yet??

If you prefer to watch the video version of this article, please click here. All sorts of news this week.

business man attempting to shut off oil pouring out of pipeline

Oil is not Well

For those that would rather watch than read, check out the video version of this article here. I have a

young man sitting in chair, wincing in pain reaching for his neck and back, pop art


To say we’re in unprecedented times is an understatement. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. I see

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